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SCILET’s programme and operating expenses are only partially covered by membership fees and payment for its services. Over the years, the Study Centre has regularly depended on gifts and grants to help support its activities, and these have come from a wide variety of individuals, institutions and foundations.

A portion of the Centre’s budget is also covered by interest from its endowment, which has been developing over the years and continues to grow steadily from the generous gifts of a variety of persons who have followed SCILET’s work.

An Alumni organization has also been established to include many donors in India. “Friends of SCILET” include alumni of American College’s Postgraduate Department of English, and many other Indian residents who have contributed to the support of the Study Centre.

SCILET welcomes donations and gifts from individuals / agencies / foundations that will further equip and sustain itself to serve better in the area of research activities, library acquisitions, publications and a wide variety of other work.
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