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Downloadable Application

Persons interested in taking membership in SCILET are requested to download the appropriate forms listed in the side bar. They should download the basic Membership Form according to the category listed. An Undergraduate or Postgraduate student should download from Student Category, an M.Phil Research Scholar should download from M.Phil Category and a Ph.D Research Scholar should download from the Ph.D Category. SCILET welcomes and gives membership to interested individuals under the General Category. Because of the restrictions imposed by way of services to General Category members, general users who are interested are requested to contact us for further details.

All categories of Members should also download the Personal Undertaking Form. Please note that both the Referee I and Referee II columns must be filled up. In the case of an undergraduate or post graduate student, Referee I Column should be filled by their Project Guide or the Head of their Department. Referee II Column should be filled only by the student’s parent or guardian. For M.Phil and Ph.D Research Scholars, Referee I column should be filled in by the Research Guide and Referee II column by a Family member/ Colleague/ Head of Department. Please note that the Referee I column should carry the seal of the referee.

Persons who are planning to avail the Distance User’s Services should download the Rules and Regulations which will give in detail the policies and services and the “do’s and don’ts” of the library. Members who wish to visit the library in person eventually will be given the rules and regulations pertaining to in-house use on their first visit.

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Download the Application:

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