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You will find below the issue number and the year of publication of Kavithalaya, a product of the workshops conducted by SCILET, and the name of the Leader of the individual workshops.

Issue No. Year Leader
Issue No.1 1991Jayanta Mahapatra
Issue No.2 1992Shiv K. Kumar
Issue No.3 1993Kamala Das
Issue No.4 1994Meena Alexander
Issue No.5 1996K. Ayyappa Paniker
Issue No.6 1997Makarand Paranjape
Issue No.7 1998Shashi Deshpande
Issue No.8 1999Shama Futehally
Issue No.9 2000Githa Hariharan
Issue No.10 2001Gieve Patel
Issue No.11 2002Arundhathi Subramaniam
Issue No.12 2003Keki N. Daruwalla
Issue No.13 2004Ranjit Hoskote
Issue No.14 2006Manjula Padmanabhan
Issue No.15 2007 
Issue No.16 2008 
Issue No.17 2009 
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