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Guest Lectures
In addition to visits from Indian writers who read from and discuss their work, SCILET also sponsors lectures by scholars and critics who have studied the work of these writers and other related new literatures in English. These lecturers have come not only from India but from a variety of overseas countries, demonstrating the increased interest in this literature in many parts of the world. Audiences for these lectures are similar to those who attend creative writers’ programmes, and frequently add their comments, questions and discussion after the lecture has been given. Principal Guest Lecturers, their positions, titles of the lectures and the dates of their visits are given below.

 Lecturer :    Dr. Ferial J. Ghazoul
 Position  :    Professor of English, American University, Cairo, Egypt
 Topic  :    Postcolonial and Postmodern Literature
 Date :    October 1992

  :    Dr. John Oliver Perry
 Position   :    Professor, Department of English, Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts, USA
 Topic   :    Toward an Indigenous Criticism of Indian English Poetry
 Date   :    February 1993

 Lecturer   :    Professor Robert Rouge
 Position   :    Professor of American Literature, The Sorbonne, Paris, France
 Topic   :    The Novels of Bharati Mukerjee
 Date   :    December 1995
 Lecturer   :    Dr. Lakshmi Holmstrom
 Position   :    Professional Translator, Norwich, England
  :    Recent Trends in Translation – Theory and Practice
  :    October 1996
 Lecturer   :    Dr. Leonard Smith
 Position   :    Professor of History, Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio, USA
 Topic   :    Postmodernism in History and Literature
  :    January 1997
 Lecturer  :    Dr. Emmanuel Nelson
  :    Professor of English, State University of New York College at Cortland, Cortland, USA
  :    The Harlem Renaissance
  :    July 1997
  :    Dr. Emmanuel Nelson
  :    Professor of English, State University of New York College at Cortland, Cortland, USA
  :    James Baldwin, and his story, “Sonny’s Blues”
  :    July 1998
 Lecturer  :    Dr. Clifford Hill
 Position :    Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York city, USA
 :    The Use of Computers and Technology in Language Teaching
 Date  :    May 2000
  :    Dr. Cecile Sandten
 Position     :    Professor, Department of English, University of Bremen, Germany
  :    The Poetry of Sujata Bhatt
 Date  :    September 2000
  :    Dr. Anuradha Needham
        Dr. Lawrence Needham
 Position   :    Professors, Department of English, Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio, USA
 Topic   :    Narrating the Nation: Literary and Historical Approaches
 Date   :    July 2001
  :    Dr. Amritjit Singh
  :    Professor of English, Ohio University, Athens, ohio, USA
 Topic   :    South Asians in North America
 Date  :    January 2002
  :    Dr. Amrita Bhalla
 Position   :    Professor of English, Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi
 Topic   :    The Writings of Shashi Deshpande
 Date  :    March 2004

 Lecturer :    Dr. Edward Vermue
 :    Special Collections and Preservation Librarian, Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio, USA
 Topic :    Maintenance and Care of Old Books
 :    January 2006

 Lecturer :   Dr. P. Radhika
 :   Professor of English, Fatima Mata National College, Kollam
 Topic :   Tribute to K. Ayyappa Paniker
 :   September 2006

 Lecturer :   Dr. Theodore Baskaran
 :   Consultant, National Film Archives, Pune
 Topic :   From Print to Screen: Literature and Cinema in South India
 :   February 2007

 Lecturer :   Manohar Devadoss
 :   Writer, Artist
 Topic :   Multiple Facets of My Madurai (Book release)
 :   August 2007

 Lecturer :   Shanta Acharya
 :   Member of Development Council, Arvon Foundation
Poetry Director, Lauderdale House, London
 Topic :   Reading and Discussion of Her Work
 :   January 2008
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